4 Easy Steps to Creating the Company Culture Your Employees Crave

When your employees arrive at work, what is it you want them to feel and think about your company?

Maybe you’ve never thought about it before. But, how they “feel” is a reflection on you and the company culture you’ve established.

How do you breathe new life into a company culture that needs resuscitating? It’s going to take some work – and you can start by asking:

  • How well do your employees enjoy their work? Coming to work should not bring a feeling of dread.
  • Is there a level of accountability and responsibility? Taking ownership makes employees feel connected.
  • Are your employees engaged? Believing what they do matters to the company and its mission leads to committed employees.

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Talent Shortage and Gap in Retirement

Here are the facts, and here’s what you can do about them. The insurance industry is amidst a turbulent time. Tons of people are retiring, and companies are having a hard time filling the gap with quality employees. We’ll give you the hard truth and some solutions for this industry-wide problem.


  • By 2020, all Baby Boomers will be 65 or older.
  • Baby Boomers account for 31% of the workforce.
  • Millennials will make up 50% of workforce by 2020.
  • The average age in the insurance industry is in the late 50’s.
  • Full retirement age, as determined by the SSA, is 66 for this entire generation.
  • Nearly 50% of the industry’s workforce will retire in the next 15 years.

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Questpro and The Birthday Party Project

Questpro has long been a supporter of The Birthday Party Project and was lucky enough to be able to volunteer at a couple of their June birthday celebrations.


The Birthday Party Project is non-profit organization that partners with homeless and transitional living facilities to throw a monthly birthday party that all the kids and parents get to attend. These parties always have fun themes, arts & crafts, games, decorations, music, cupcakes, goodie bags and birthday presents for all the kids celebrating a birthday that month. The Birthday Party Project started over 6 years ago in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has since grown to host parties in 11 other cities including: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Austin, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington DC and New York City.

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7 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

As someone with 10+ years of experience in recruiting, I recently had a moment of clarity about how I view people’s resumes. The moment of clarity didn’t come during the years I’d spent looking at them, but when my own son asked me for direction. He’s my son after all, so I had to give him the best advice. The resume he came up with was not at all what I like to see as a recruiter, so we got to work and did the following steps. Thus, my moment of clarity: 7 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out.

DO NOT be too wordy! In my son’s resume, he was very wordy. He basically listed his position and wrote a paragraph about what he does. There isn’t a recruiter on this planet who would read through all that!

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“Why did you leave?”

Great meme, right? But wait, you’re a recruiting firm, why have an article that starts off talking about my Ex?  Well, here’s a secret- when you start getting trained as a recruiter, there are a ton of comparison likening the interview process to the dating game. Believe it or not, they are RIGHT!

Picture it, you’re on your first date with this person, bringing your “A-game”, and you get asked the dreaded question- the same question everyone gets asked in a job interview…

“If you’re such a catch, why aren’t you in a relationship with someone else?”


“If you’re already in a relationship, why are you talking to me?”


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4 Reasons Why Smart Execs Use Recruiters

In literal terms “to recruit” means “to raise or strengthen.”  Professional Recruiters strengthen the organization by raising the talent bar while saving valuable Employee Resources.

It’s a widely known tactical practice that top executives use Third Party Search Consultants i.e. Recruiters and Head Hunters to hedge the competition. In the hands of the right Recruiter, companies save big money and time. But what about the less obvious yet equally impactful BENEFITS to using Recruiters, let’s unveil…  Oh, and if the obvious reasons to use Recruiters escapes you then please visit our resource desk.   


  • Prevent job orders from going stale: Dodging this impact is paramount to attracting top talent and promoting healthy corporate image. How does this happen?

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Setting Professional Goals for 2018

With 2017 behind us, it’s time to make a game plan for the new year. You might make a resolution to eat healthier or practice a new hobby, but have you considered taking a look at your career? Setting professional goals for 2018 could get you out of your daily rut, increase productivity, and get you excited about work again! Here is the SMART way to get started:

  • S – Specific.

The first step is to be specific about what changes you want to see, what results you want to get, and when you want to see those results. Knowing the details of your goal will help you picture it in your future and encourage progress. The more tangible you make your goal, the more attainable it will be.

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