“Hey, just wanted to let you know that we LOVE Austin.  He is doing a great job and everyone is so happy.  Thanks!” – Branch Manager

“Huge THANK YOU for everything that Beth, Erin, and the team at Questpro did to help me with my new position at ICW. Since I started working in insurance, it has been a dream of mine to progress into a field underwriting position. I can definitively say that without the help and guidance that was provided by your team, that would still be a far off dream. I have never experienced anything like the help and support I received from Beth. The dedication and perseverance she provided in helping me with this position was absolutely invaluable. Beyond the program that you all have with interview prep, coaching, and mediating on my behalf, I was immensely impressed with what I can only term as the best ‘customer service’ I have ever experienced. Beth has gone far above and beyond my expectations and I truly feel like I am walking away from all of this not only with a new career, but with an experience that I am so thoroughly impressed with, I will be doing everything I can to plug Beth and Questpro at any opportunity I can. I have worked with two other recruiting companies, both of which were interested in helping me find a new career, and there really is no comparison to the experience I had with Beth and Questpro. Through it all, Beth would take the time to keep me updated, make sure she addressed any concerns I had, and several times went beyond normal business hours to connect due to time conflicts. I felt like I had an advocate on my side throughout the whole process cheering me on and really encouraging me! So again, please know how impressed and thankful I am for all your time, effort, and support. Know that you have made a lifetime ally out of me.” – Todd

“Kathy, THANK YOU for all of your help during Irma – we literally couldn’t have done it without you!” – Carey


“I was a recent contractor working with Kathy Gillman and David Guyette.  I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how extra-ordinary these two people are. As a new contractor, I was assigned to work with Kathy.  She immediately contacted me to introduce her self and made my whole on boarding process with Q-Temps so easy and pleasurable.  She explained the whole contracting process and walked me through the application every step.  She was extremely friendly and always there for me when I had questions or concerns.  As for David, well both my manager and I truly appreciate his sense of urgency.  It is somewhat overwhelming to keep track of logging in your time and hours as a contractor, especially when you are more focused on completing your work.   But thanks to David’s consistency he would always send me a reminder email to enter my timesheet, and as soon as I did, he would immediately notify my manager that my time sheet was ready for approval.  The process that your company installed in place for timesheet approval is so easy and user friendly.  I applaud you for taking the time to implement this software. Thanks to Kathy and David, they made my contracting experience a great one, and I wanted you to know how special these two employees are.  They make everything easy, simple and hassle free. It was a pleasure working with both of them, and should I ever be in need of searching for another position, I would with 100% certainty come back to your company for assistance.” – Jemma


“We are excited about getting the spot filled. Thank you for providing great candidates. Makes my job easier.” – Brent, Vice President

“Robin, Thanks for following up. I’m doing great! From day one, my manager has invested considerable effort into making me an appreciated, integral part of the MGA team. She has also laid out concrete career development goals that align with my interests and excite me about my future with the company. Above all though, I just appreciate the feeling of being valued for my work. Thanks again for the great placement!”

“Thanks for all you guys do, Robin and Jade are a joy to work with and have become my go to for staffing needs. Your organization is lucky to have both of these wonderful ladies!” – Brian, Assistant Director

“Hey Angie, I wanted to take the time to recognize Kennetta Washington and how much pleasure it is to work with her. She always has a great attitude, smile and a warm welcome when I walk through the front door. When there is an insured on the phone, she deals with them professionally and always hands them off to us courteously. She supplies us with the goodies and refreshments that make our day and my waistline bigger! In a time when we are all dealing with people who are in devastating conditions, Kennetta’s attitude and kindness always make the day more enjoyable. Take care!” – James, Flood Manager
“Debbie, It was our pleasure. We also value your friendship and help you have given us in obtaining quality people to help us run our business. Thank you for driving out here and for the great visit. In the business of the utmost good faith.” – Bill, Vice President of Claims

“Hi Kathy, Just wanted to say thank you to Q-Temps/Questpro for helping me find a permanent job. You guys have always been there for me whenever I needed employment or even when an assignment ended you came through with another assignment. You guys ROCK. Again I thank you. Have a fantastic day.” – Katina

“I am impressed with QGrads/Questpro program.  The outreach and mentoring is first-rate among universities and employers alike.  It is great what you are doing for the RM&I industries and young people looking for opportunities to plug into a profession.” – Charles

“I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding service that Bob Forneris has provided during my recent job search. I received a call from Bob about six weeks ago in regards to an opportunity with UPC Insurance and from minute one his professionalism and knowledge was evident. During the interview process, Bob’s insight in regards to the staff at UPC was invaluable and is one of the main reasons that my interviews went as well as they did.Because of his efforts, I start my new role with UPC this coming Monday. It’s my hope that I will never need your services again but if I do, Bob will be the first person I contact! I know that I have expressed my gratitude to Bob personally but please let him know that his efforts did not go unnoticed.”

“Hi Jodi, I wanted to thank you and Monte and anyone else behind the scenes for your work on this!  You presented excellent candidates quickly and handled any issues (that were out of your hands) efficiently and fairly! I have already recommended you to my colleagues and look forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks again.” – Colleen
“Erin, I began my employment with ACIG February 3rd. I enjoy the people and environment.I want to express my gratitude to you. You understood to my requests from the start and found this wonderful opportunity at ACIG. I appreciate your professionalism and diligence. Thank you for being prompt and supplying valuable information at each phase of the process. You were also accommodating to my schedule, encouraging, comforting, and patient. I will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you so much for connecting me with such a great company. I hope to keep in touch.” – Toni
“Good morning Jillanna, I want to thank you for all your assistance and guidance, You really did a heck of a job. Even though I am familiar with the hiring process, protocol, you left no stone upturned. It has been a pleasure to have worked with you. I hope I never have to look for another job. If I do, you better believe I will try and find you.” – Penny
“I am fortunate to have known the “Trent Bush Experience” first hand. He is an excellent communicator, passionate about his work and proved to be very helpful in my hiring process. Trent provides a thorough and honest representation of his clients and seeks to dig deep and find the right fit to fill the need. He has placed many of the top people with our company and we are working together to find more. We know that if Trent is on the job it’s just a matter of time to a successful result.” – Matt, Marketing Manager National Insurance Carrier (Candidate and Client)
“I had a great encounter with Ben during a recent job search effort! He was extremely professional yet down to earth and a wonderful resource to me in getting well positioned for the complexities associated with the executive search he was retained for. I found Ben to be objective, a good listener and able to provide the right amount of guidance through out the process. I have worked with a number of executive search agencies over the years and Ben clearly demonstrated he has passion and the perfect balance of talents to drive success!” – Derrick, Claims Executive/National Workers Compensation Carrier
“I can’t thank Trent enough for the help he has given me in finding the best candidates for the available positions. His patience in the beginning working with a new supervisor who wasn’t even sure what was needed was exemplary. The time he took, and the help he gave me was much appreciated. One of the candidates he sent me, BJ , has far exceeded my expectations, and is noticed by everyone for the drive and excellent work he is doing. It has challenged me to be a better supervisor, and has given me a top performer that will go far in this industry. I was the first to open the tech unit in May of 2008 and we had a lot to prove. Trent played a very important role in making us a successful unit here. We are being noticed for our accomplishments by being asked to launch a new program for the company, and I have Trent to thank for that.” – Virginia, Underwriting Manager, National Carrier
“I have a successful partnership with Jillanna Pomelow at Questpro Consultants for several years. She consistently delivers high-quality candidates, as she understands our business and our culture. I have used Jillanna to fill positions at various levels of the organization – case managers, account managers, account executives, and managers. If you need assistance with any of your hard-to-fill openings, please contact Jillanna at Questpro.” – Chris, Regional Vice President, Managed Care Provider
“We had the opportunity to work with Trent on several positions, one where he was able to successfully provide a solid candidate that we eventually hired. It was a very challenging engagement due to both the role and outside challenges with several candidates. Through it all, Trent was both professional and effective. He understood what we were looking for, and presented only those candidates that fit the bill which made my life much easier. We’d gladly use Trent in the future.” – Jefferey, Executive National Disaster Recovery Company
“I want to say thank you again for all of the help you have provided for me these last few months of my unfortunate time out of work. I am glad that we connected all the way back to my time at AIG when you were helpful in building our relationship and helping me build my sales team by providing candidates to fill open positions I had.As tough as the last few months have been for me with being out of work for the first time ever, I appreciate how detailed and focused you are as well as keeping me fully involved and aware of the entire process. I feel that the personal touch you provide and your consistent determination has made this a much less stressful experience for me and my family. I have enjoyed working with you for the last 5 years and look forward to maintaining a working relationship with you and Questpro Consultants. Thank you.” – Michael, Marketing Director Regional Personal Lines Insurance Carrier
“Marcie recognizes the value of the long term relationship. Too many recruiters give in to the single minded temptation of hopping from one hot job-order to the next, leaving a wake of frustrated hiring managers and disenchanted candidates. During my recent interactions with Marcie, in which I was a candidate, I found her to be timely, responsive and sincere. Marcie seems to have a knack for treating every relationship as if it were her most valued client.” – Jerry, Marketing Manager, Regional Insurance Brokerage
“I have never dealt with a recruiter that has expressed so much passion in doing her job and going out of her way to make the recruiting experience a positive one. Questpro takes the time to set expectations and understand exactly what my needs are. They take recruiting to a different level realizing it is more than just finding people, it is also marketing and selling. Questpro finds the best talent to do the job and fit in the company. They sell the recruit on the position and the company based on their needs and desires. They drive to make the recruiting experience for all involved a simple, easy, and positive experience. Questpro is a rare jewel!” – Recruiter, National Insurance Carrier
“I wanted to say thank you for your help through the years, especially this last employee placement. You have always worked so hard to make sure that you send the right candidates over to our office. You aren’t wasting our time (and the candidates) with someone who we know up front isn’t a good fit.Debra has been a wonderful fit for us. She is exactly what we were hoping to find and can’t thank you enough for sending her our way. I promise we will contact you in the future if we have any needs. Thank you for all you do.” – Janie, Administrative Director, Regional Insurance Brokerage
“Ben, thanks for your assistance and encouragement during my recent employment search. You demonstrated commitment and professionalism, two things that seem to be in short supply these days, [and] I have no qualms about recommending you to others in my chapter of CPCU. You kept me informed and provided many tools and ideas I incorporated in my interviews. Guess what!!?? They work!! Thanks for your effort and ideas!” – Vernon, Underwriting Candidate

“Marcie, I wanted to let you know that all is going well at my new job, and I really appreciate your help, understanding, and expertise. This was only my second company change in 27 years, and the first involving a consultant. Thank you for facilitating the process, and for recognizing a good match between prospective employer and employee! You recognized when I needed specialized information, and enlisted various resources to assist as needed. Above all, I felt like a long-term, preferred client every step of the way.I hope to end my insurance career with this company, but if I ever do need to look again I will certainly call you.” – Tom, Regional Underwriting Manager

“I wanted to say thank you for your help through the years, especially this last employee placement. You have always worked so hard to make sure that you send the right candidates over to our office. You aren’t wasting our time (and the candidates) with someone who we know up front isn’t a good fit.Debra has been a wonderful fit for us. She is exactly what we were hoping to find and can’t thank you enough for sending her our way. I promise we will contact you in the future if we have any needs. Thank you for all you do.” – Administrative Director, Regional Broker

“I just wanted to send you a short note to tell you how pleased I am with the new hire you were able to find us. Dale has worked out very well and I have no doubts that he will help make our operation more successful. I also wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you have personally done for us in filling our open position. Your candidates were well screened and knowledgeable about the operation, the job, mainly because you did an outstanding job. As you know we had eight individuals interview for this position and all of the candidates were qualified. So many times in my past, recruiters would try to fit a candidate when they didn’t have the qualifications. I appreciate the way you do your job and look forward to working with you the next time the opportunity presents itself. Thank you Trent.” – VP Marketing & Business Development National Insurance Carrier

“Trent, I just wanted to thank you for all your help in my job search. I really appreciate your professionalism and your positive attitude. Since I’ve worked with you as both an employer and a job candidate, I really have a working knowledge of how wonderful you are!I look forward to keeping in touch with you and Questpro over the years. Thanks again!” – Debra

“Questpro not only understands our requirements but anticipates our needs. Questpro is the first to secure the right candidate.” – Michael, HR Specialist, National Insurance Carrier
“I would highly recommend Kevin Burch and his team at Questpro to find a qualified candidate for the insurance industry. Kevin and his team came through for us when no one else could. What impressed me the most was our first call. Kevin asked me detailed questions about our positions and company when no other company had taken that much of an interest in us. Rather than just send candidates our way without understanding our business and our culture, he took the time to find the right candidates the first time. Questpro was able to deliver a qualified pool of candidates and not just one or two. In addition, they are always very responsive. We have had many successes together and I look forward to many more.” – Janine, HR Manager Regional Insurance Carrier
“We view Questpro as a trusted recruiting partner. We have confidence in their networking and search abilities and screening processes. Our experience is that they produce candidates who are right on target. During difficult searches they also share candidate market information with us. This extra level of service has enabled us to resolve internal barriers to filling difficult positions.” – Amy, HR Executive, National Insurance Carrier.
“Trent, I am now the Agency Development Specialist and very happy about it! I want to thank you for acting as a mentor during the interview process. I greatly appreciated the phone conversation that we shared and I shall certainly make every effort to do an outstanding job here and justify your faith in me. But the main thing that I wish to compliment you on Trent, is the sincere interest that you displayed during my job search. Your follow-up phone calls in regard to my progression during the process exceeded my expectations.” – Shawn
“Hi Johnny – I wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put forth in securing the position for me at Indiana Insurance. I really appreciated your candor about this position. The fact that you trusted me with the details in the first conversation set the tone for our relationship and I really appreciated your confidence in me. I am very excited about starting on Monday. You did a great job for me and I will recommend you anytime to any of my colleagues. I would be happy to help you anytime if you come across any positions down here in Central Illinois.” – Debbie
“Trent, Thank you so much for helping me get the job at Quirk/Dragonflyware. You are an awesome recruiter and I will recommend you to all of my friends. You are the perfect combination of friendly, professional, proactive and prepared. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you.” – Kristi