My Experience- NAF & Questpro

My name is Alejandra Hernandez, and I’m in the NAF Academy enrolled in the academy of finance. This year I was able to go interview with three different companies at the NAF Internship Expo. The moment I started interviewing, it was really difficult because I was nervous and kept thinking I wasn’t going to get an internship. I really wanted one of these companies to call me. I was lucky enough to get a call from Questpro. My goal this summer was to mainly focus on my internship and all the assignments I was told to do. Questpro has been a great opportunity for me to gain experience in the business world. This internship has changed me in different ways, it has encouraged me, it has taught me more about what marketing really is,

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Insurance Career Trends

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Written By: Spot On Insurance

Ben Volkmer is an Insurance Recruiter at Questpro, a company that provides staffing services to the Risk Management and Insurance industry. For the last 12 years, he has been in charge of recruiting sales and account management and works primarily with insurance carriers and their distribution partners. Ben specializes in workers’ compensation, permanent placement, underwriting, sales, and property & casualty insurance. 

Ben joins us to share what it’s like to be a recruiter for the insurance industry. He describes what motivated him to chase a career in recruitment and how an injury factored into his decision. He explains what a recruiter does, their responsibilities, and the many mistakes applicants make when writing and submitting resumes.

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Questpro Crossword

Need a quick distraction? Test your basic insurance vocabulary with this crossword puzzle! Then, send your completed puzzle to for the answer key.

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3 Reasons You Won’t Get Hired

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Written By: Spot On Insurance

Taylor Teague Jones is the Business Development Director at Questpro, an insurance and risk management staffing company, with extensive experience in commercial insurance and college recruitment. She started her career as a regional recruiter for the University of Kansas – her alma mater. Her journey in the insurance industry began when she worked for a large insurance broker, handling campus and corporate recruitment projects. 

Taylor joins us today to share the best and worst practices when it comes to job interviews. She discusses the importance of knowing not just the company, but also some of their core team members. She describes what her journey was like and how recruitment led her to be part of the insurance industry.

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ELC 2020 Takeaway

This year’s Emerging Leaders Conference in Austin, TX was second to none in terms of conference experiences. The entire staff of AM Best, APCIA, and of course, Marguerite Tortorello of Insurance Careers Movement, hosted a seamless conference from start to finish.

The conference kicked-off with an interactive happy hour – who wouldn’t love showcasing where they traveled from on a map?! This conference kick-off was already unique in terms of the look and feel. The ELC was off to a great start, and I couldn’t wait for the learning to get underway. The morning of day one featured a fantastic breakfast that allowed us to mingle with our peers. I’d already established great connections before the educational portion had even started (a sign of a great conference, right?).

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How Using a Recruiter Can Save Your Job Search

Let’s face it, changing your job or switching careers is one of the biggest decisions you will make in life. It’s right up there with getting married, buying home, or even starting a family. Working with a recruiter can save time and stress associated with your job search.

Whether you have personally worked with a recruiter or not, we have all heard the good and bad. Here are 5 reasons why working with a recruiter can save your job search and benefit you especially if you are currently working or a passive candidate.

  1. Consulting – Think of us as your personal career consultant…guiding, coaching, and walking you through the interview process. We prepare you for the interview based on knowledge of previous interviews and relationships with hiring managers.

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Holiday Job Search

Are the holidays a good time to look for a new job?

Yes! Here are 2 reasons why:

  1. Everyone thinks it’s a bad time to look. Go against the grain. Do the opposite. Research companies you’d like to work for. However, don’t just apply to a job posting. Find an executive or leader in your specialization and send them a message on LinkedIn or find a phone number and call them!
  2. Certain companies are looking to use their remaining hiring budgets before the end of the year. They’ll be more proactive in reaching out and responding to inquiries.

If your New Year’s resolution is to find a new job, get a head start and be strategic about your search. At the very least,

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5 Ways to Boost Productivity

Have a Good Routine:

A good daily routine will help you eliminate the unnecessary noise around you. For example, starting each day with a vigorous workout increases endorphins which in turn increases productivity. When you look good, you feel good, and you think even better. Eat a nutritious breakfast each morning to help keep you on task until lunch. Remember, routines aren’t just for the morning. They are just as important and helpful in the evenings too. Have a time where you vow to stop looking at all electronics and unwind. Dedicate time for yourself away from your spouse, kids, and pets.

Say Goodbye to Multi-Tasking:

Work on one project at a time and allow it to have your full attention. The truth is each project is different and requires a unique mindset.

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Choosing to Use a Recruiter

Find a recruiter BEFORE you absolutely need to have a new job. Let’s face it; you’re probably wasting everybody’s time talking to a recruiter unless you’re thinking about making a job change. The absolute worst time to make first contact with a recruiter is when you’ve been RIF’d, fired, or quit! Give the recruiter ample time to find you a new opportunity!

The purpose of this first contact with a recruiter is to:

  • Let the recruiter know that you exist, you’re sort of looking around, but you’re in no big hurry
  • Give the recruiter some idea of your technical talents
  • Share with the recruiter your career plans and goals

Some recruiters don’t want you to call them until you’re desperate for a new job.

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Online Job Applications – 6 Do’s & Don’ts

When recruiters and hiring managers post job opportunities online, it’s often they are left sifting through an overwhelming sea of resume applications that are one click away from finding their place in the deleted folder.

What does that mean for the job seeker? It’s no secret that applying online for jobs can be – a full-time job (and a stressful one at that). If you’ve spent countless hours applying for positions on job board sites like LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Indeed and haven’t received a single bite – I’m willing to bet it’s because a few of the following below aren’t taken into consideration – and chances are the lack of feedback is leaving you feeling defeated. We’ve all been there!

In today’s highly competitive talent market, it’s important for the job seeker to be aware of these 6 do’s and don’ts before submitting their application online.

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