QExecs provides you with highly-qualified contract executives to provide your business with the knowledge and skills necessary to move forward and helps ensure your business doesn’t miss a beat, while guiding & training the next wave of skilled workers.

When can QExecs help?

  • In a Crisis – Has a high level executive left a big hole that you can’t fill immediately?
  • Project Oriented – Do you want to move the company forward but don’t have the right employee to lead the charge?
    • QExecs can provide the right consultant. You get access to their rolodex and their knowledge, without the long term commitment of a permanent employee.
  • Restructuring – Are you looking to shake things up, but you don’t know where to start?
    • QExecs can provide the right kind of change. An executive , without burden of past company politics or “bad habits”, can provide a fresh perspective as well as the knowledge and skill you are looking for.

Why be a QExecs?

  • Are you interested in taking early retirement from your current employer but you’re not ready to stop working?
  • Have you retired but you’re looking for additional retirement income?
  • Are you interested in staying in the workforce, but not looking for another permanent job?
  • Does project based work interest you?
  • Do you want to give back to the insurance industry?