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Insurance Career Trends

Listen to podcast here: Written By: Spot On Insurance Ben Volkmer is an Insurance Recruiter at Questpro, a company that provides staffing services to the Risk Management and Insurance industry. For the last 12 years, he has been in charge of recruiting sales and account management and works primarily with

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3 Reasons You Won’t Get Hired

Listen to podcast here: Written By: Spot On Insurance Taylor Teague Jones is the Business Development Director at Questpro, an insurance and risk management staffing company, with extensive experience in commercial insurance and college recruitment. She started her career as a regional recruiter for the University of Kansas –

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How Using a Recruiter Can Save Your Job Search

Let’s face it, changing your job or switching careers is one of the biggest decisions you will make in life. It’s right up there with getting married, buying home, or even starting a family. Working with a recruiter can save time and stress associated with your job search. Whether you

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Holiday Job Search

Are the holidays a good time to look for a new job? Yes! Here are 2 reasons why: Everyone thinks it’s a bad time to look. Go against the grain. Do the opposite. Research companies you’d like to work for. However, don’t just apply to a job posting. Find an

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5 Ways to Boost Productivity

Have a Good Routine: A good daily routine will help you eliminate the unnecessary noise around you. For example, starting each day with a vigorous workout increases endorphins which in turn increases productivity. When you look good, you feel good, and you think even better. Eat a nutritious breakfast each

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