Tips for finding your next top talent

We know how challenging it can be to find the hidden treasures while searching for your next employee. Take a look at the videos below to help aid you in your search for the best candidates in the job market.

Winning the War for Talent Video

Client Interview Prep Video


Looking for a new position is a job in itself.

At Questpro, we want to provide job seekers with tools to not only make the search easier, but also to give advice within the interview process, the offer and acceptance stage, resignation and transition to the new job.

Here are several websites we have found helpful as general job identification resources that might be helpful along the way.


Looking for claims training or to acquire your claims license? Hit the links below to begin that process.

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For tips on resume building, interviewing, resignation and transitioning to a new role, see the videos below.

Interview Do’s & Dont’s – How do I prepare?

Interview Do’s & Dont’s – What should I wear?

Interview Do’s & Dont’s – How Should I Act?

Additional Videos

Candidate: Effective Resume Prep Video

Candidate Interview Prep Video

Candidate Resignation Prep Video

Candidate: Your First 30 Days