No two recruiting assignments are alike

For every vacancy, there is a unique need: there are geographic considerations. Managers have their own unique personalities that have to be taken into account. There are salary, benefits and offer negotiations to tend to.

The decision also has to be made as to how the assignment will be structured. Will it be a direct placement or temp-to-hire? Will you have a retained relationship with your staffing company, or will it be contingency? These, and so many other questions, must be addressed before a successful placement can be made. Fortunately for you, Questpro and QTemps have answered the call.  By allowing their clients to choose what’s right for their specific needs, Questpro and Q Temps have separated themselves from the competition.

Now that you know what format to choose, will your staffing company be able to supply you with all your needs from top to bottom? Some staffing companies claim to provide assistance with C-Level placements, but rarely have the resources or connections to actually succeed. Many times they can only assist with the easier, lower hanging fruit, and tend to have a difficult time getting to the top of the cherry tree. At Questpro and QTemps, we provide recruiting coverage from top to bottom – from your office assistant to your next CFO.
Currently our services include:

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